Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Open Casting Call on February 10th

Join the cast of The System. We still have a few lead roles to cast — and many smaller roles.

Auditions will be at IFP offices (2446 University Ave. West, Suite 100), on Tuesday, February 10th, from 3:30-8pm.

This is a micro-budget film; actors will receive a stipend, dependent on time and investment (though clearly not reflective of your true worth). And it is not a SAG production.

Here are some of the roles we have yet to cast:

AIDE: right-hand man of Cerebellum's CEO; like a young Watergate Cabinet member; the end always justifies the means.

TROTSKY: President of the Worker's Union; highest leader in Circulation City. He has become polished with time, more sedate, but still carries the hardness inherent to industrial workers. He is a middle aged, academic guy, always a little disheveled.

SACCO: worker in the Lower Chamber of Circulation City; has the roughened look of a dock worker: hard features, broad shoulders, and an abrasive manner. He stands up against Foreman and quickly gains power with a faction of the Worker's Union.

WHITE: lead Immunity agent; quiet and cold, he relentlessly pursues his mission until it is completed. He is tall, lean, clean, methodical, and very imposing.

MEMORIES: melancholy prostitutes from the Right Hemisphere; beautiful, yet abandoned. There is a sadness in their eyes. (Think of the prostitutes in Mike Figgis' "Liebestraum")

BIRTHDAY GIRL: a repressed memory in the Right Hemisphere; a sweet little (blonde?) girl (think Poltergeist — 7-10ish).

ELEMENTS: Young children (4-6ish, perhaps, but must be able to follow simple instructions) — some with (make up) defects, but one an angelic looking child.

PROPAGANDISTS: your typical PR, advertising guys; sleek and sleazy — inventors of the PR campaign that Cerebellum uses to build support in Circulation City and undermine the leadership of the Worker's Union.

BAPTIST: baptizes children in river.
CEREBELLUM CLERK: Nerdy brain clerk — delivers information.
FOREMAN: Must increase production on Cerebellum's orders — confronts Sacco
GUERRILLA SOLDIERS: Latino, typical guerrillero style (think Che)
HEART GUARD: Tough, rough
SACCO'S BOYS: roughened look of dock workers: hard features, broad shoulders, and abrasive manners.
UNION OFFICIALS: Typical union workers — rough, but slightly softened by bureaucratic bullshit
WHITE CELLS: immunity agents. Cold, Hard, Methodical.

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